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Pet Teeth CleaningProvided by Natural Pet Dental Inc. (formerly known as Apollo Pet Care Inc.)

Natural Pet Dental has provided the service of anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats since 1979. Veterinarians refer pets to us and magazine and newspaper articles have been written about this special service. Click here to visit their website (opens in a separate tab or window).

Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats

Absolutely no drugs are used on your pet! We work for veterinarians. They love our service so much we clean the teeth of their pets too!

Our technique is kind and gentle. The pet simply sits in our lap and we talk to them and praise them to reassure them. Most pets love the attention and enjoy seeing us. Due to our expertise in handling pets we have had to reject only severely aggressive dogs. There is no charge if we are not able to clean your pet's teeth. There is nothing to lose, so give us a try. Your pet will thank you for it. They look and smell so much better after a cleaning. No more bad breath!

Pet Teeth Cleaning - Before

Pet Teeth Cleaning - After

"Thank you so much for offering the drug free teeth cleaning!  Chaos had his appointment this morning and his teeth are beautiful!  Attached are his before and after pictures .  I am going to post them on my Facebook page and on my Great Dane rescue page and tell EVERYBODY that I know about this service!"




Available 1st Wednesday, and 3rd Saturday of each month.

- March, April, and May are fully booked
- Next available dates are
- June 8th
- July 6th
- August 3rd

- March, April, and May are fully booked
- Next available dates are
- June 18th
- July 16th
- August 20th

Use sign-up form below to schedule your pet's cleaning

Happy Dog with Clean Teeth
14 year old lab showing off her pearly whites!


Dogs & Cats $155 flat rate


  • 1 Month follow-up cleanings $35.00
  • 2 Month follow-up cleanings $45.00
  • 3 Month follow-up cleanings $55.00

Past 90 days - back to flat rate of $155


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  • Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
  • Saturday 10am-5pm


  • 503-491-1111
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